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Purchase/Sales Co-Ordination: Match Making Service

Option B: Agree set fee.

Finders Fee: Upon sale agreed price of horse/pony Madeleine sourced and/or consulted on a charge of 10% is applied.




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Sales Testimonial

I decided to buy my first horse in summer 2013 from which began a life-changing experience!  I have loved and ridden horses for years but never owned my own despite it being a lifelong dream.  I was determined to go about this the "right way" and had lessons with Madeleine in Rathfarnham Equestrian Centre.  She then spoke to me about matching my ability and personality to the right horse which made complete sense; we teamed up and started to look at different options based on my criteria.

She came across Gulliver in Enniskerry and we had a brief trial; something clicked with him!  He wasn't the perfect finished product; he needed schooling but he was the right size, age, temperament and ability level for me and I instantly liked him!  We took him on trial to Rathfarnham where I am based on her recommendation and put him through all tests (box, road, arena, jumping, hacking, stable manners etc.) which was vital and once he passed everything I then made the final decision, something I have never regretted! 

I think the professional advice and years of experience throughout the whole process was invaluable.  Between initial trials, the purchase process and my lessons since, Madeleine has always been on hand for a phone call & encouragement.  She's a huge planner with big goals and I really value her opinion. 

Niamh Riney - Google Ireland